Renovation stained-glass window for a house in Hamont-Achel.

Stained glass window renovation 1st and 2nd floor with the challenge of making 21 panels into 6 large stained glass panels. After that, the stained glass panels were placed between double glazing so that the stained glass windows comply with current energy standards.

Hamont-Achel is a beautiful village close to the Belgian – Dutch border.

Not only known for the former Achel Trappist brewery, but also for its beautiful architectural houses!

So it is with a lot of pride that I present you this renovation project 🙂!

Glass window renovation 1st and 2nd floor! With the assignment to make 6 panels of 21 panels!

3x 1850 mm (height) on 610mm (width)

3x 2450 mm (height) on 610mm (width)

1st floor has the eye catcher with a length of 2450 mm. All pieces on the first floor are original glass pieces.

The difficulty was to construct an equivalent replica for the 2nd floor. This was achieved with some puzzle work, 80% of the original pieces were found with the necessary detective work.

All glass windows are placed between double glazing so that the renovation almost meets current energy standards. Do not throw your window directly into the container! There are already many solutions.

In every small square there is 2.5 x 2 metres H-lead of 6 mm thickness = 5 metres of lead per panels

Would you like information on stained glass window restoration? Contact me!

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