It started with a small idea and a lot of curiosity when I walked into Syntra West Bruges in 2008.

“Glazier’, the title appealed to me, no idea what it was about. Something with glass, I was sure, but more… I didn’t know yet.

I met a new material, a fascinating material, which you don’t simply bend to your will… unless you have a lot of patience and fascination, bearing in mind the memorable phrase used by Norbert Demonie: “Keep turning”! Or “Bluuvn Droajn” in beautiful West Flemish!

And that is what I did, keep spinning the glass:

  • Burner on,
  • Glass in,
  • let it melt
  • and keep spinning
  • Modelling
  • did not succeed,
  • no problem.
  • Try again

I felt it straight away, I never want to lose this, a new passion entered my life: Glass and its versatility!

The burner became my friend, melting and shaping my inspiration!

Inspired by the colour palette of glass, I discovered a new verb, “stained glass”.

In Temse, under the guidance of Isabelle Dethoor, I learned the tricks of the stained-glass trade.

With my lead knife in hand, I entered figurative imaginary land: drawing, cutting, breaking, painting, soldering, masticating,… a new technical world opened up for me.

The love for glass made me dream and my first exhibition became a fact … on the quay of Temse, with a view on the Scheldt.

My curiosity took me further and I ended up in beautiful Bruges and under the wings of Pia Burrick I knew. I want to do something with this! And I entered the field of the glazier’s craft. And I still do it with a lot of passion and pleasure.

Glass gave me a new direction, now I give it a new dimension.

Let yourself be carried away by my passion, because glass is not old-fashioned or boring, it is challenging, hip and timeless.


Charlotte Forrier